The 12 Days of Christmas – Farmer-Rancher Gifts Edition

Do you have a special farmer or rancher in your life? Looking for ideas as to what to get them for Christmas?  Well, have we got some ideas for you!

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Plane Tickets
Preferably to someplace warm, by the beach, and with a lounge chair, say Hawaii or the Caribbean. After working from before dawn to after dusk for months to bring in the harvest or to care for their cattle or sheep, your farmer or rancher would love a nice break with their family before spring work starts up again!

That looks about right

This looks about right

Boot Dryers and Warmers
Even rubber boots get damp and clammy and work boots can get c-o-l-d sitting out in the mudroom. Get your hardworking farmer or rancher an electric boot dryer and some foot warmers to keep their feet dry and toasty-warm while out doing early morning chores or sitting on a tractor in the cold.

Carhartt Gear
Carhartt gear is pretty much indestructible for most folks, but somehow farmers and ranchers wear that stuff out.  Get your farmer or rancher a brand, spankin-new jacket or overalls to keep them warm and safe from things like barbed wire, poky weeds or  vaccination needles that get knocked out of their hand when the cow flips its head.

Carhartt jacket

Carhartt – because life happens

Weather Station
What farmer or rancher wouldn’t like to know that it’s -20* and blowing like a hurricane when they have to go outside to take care of things?  A weather station that can tell your farmer or rancher the air pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation and more will help them prepare for the day (like whether they’ll need their new Carhartt or not).

New Recliner
Their old one is probably worn out from all the nights when your farmer or rancher didn’t even make it to bed before falling asleep after a long day of work, or when he or she had to “stay awake” waiting for a cow to calve or a ewe to lamb!

And make sure the dog approves of the new recliner as well.

And make sure the dog approves of the new recliner as well.

Smart phone/iPad with new apps
If your farmer or rancher hasn’t switched over to a smart phone, now is the Christmas to push them in that direction.  Load up their new gadgets with awesome apps that will make their job easier, like irrigation controls, soil monitoring, or range records. Now they can have all of their data in their pocket, and even control equipment, like their irrigation pivots, from their phone.

Click for a list of popular farming apps!
Click for a list of popular ranching apps!

Drones are the new awesome farming and ranching “must-have-item.”  Get your farmer or rancher a drone to check fields for pests, measure water and nutrient content in the soil, check herds, and more.  They get to play with a remote-controlled airplane – but  hey, it’s work!

This is a NEED! A NEED!

This is a NEED! A NEED!

Thermos/insulated lunch box
When a farmer or rancher has to get up at 4 am to start their day, sometimes they don’t make it back to the house ’til dinner. Get them a nice Thermos and insulated lunch box to make sure they’re getting enough liquids, food and fuel to get them through their long day. *Bonus:* include a certificate promising you’ll fill up that Thermos/lunchbox for them.

Who wouldn't want this?! I'm sure you can also find them in your farmer's preferred equipment color.

Who wouldn’t want this?! I’m sure you can also find them in your farmer’s preferred equipment color.

Housecleaning services
Let’s face it, whichever spouse is at home spends just about the same amount of time out in the fields or at a job in town as the farmer or rancher.  During the especially busy times of the year, who has time to clean the house, or do dishes and laundry?! (Who ever has time for housecleaning???)  Get your farmer or rancher some housecleaning services to help relieve some of that stress for everyone!

Not only are farmers and ranchers raising crops and cattle, they’re also mechanics, weathermen, engineers, economists, scientists and more.  To do all of these different jobs, they need tools.  Some good ones – a battery-operated, heavy-duty wrench, a cordless grease gun, a drill bit sharpener, this tire demounting tool, or a tricked-out Leatherman that fits right on their belt.

Truck tire removal tool - to make their favorite job easier!

Truck tire removal tool – to make their favorite job easier!

A farmer or rancher spends hours each day by themselves.  Since no one wants to talk to themself for that long, many farmers and ranchers listen to music.  Give your farmer or rancher an MP3 player, a satellite radio and subscription, or even a gift card to download music.

Books/Movie tickets
Because even farmers and ranchers don’t want to think about farming and ranching all the time!

You should probably buy them from this bookstore. It's one of the most beautiful in the world. And in Portugal #extremechristmasshopping

You should probably buy them from this bookstore. It’s one of the most beautiful in the world. And in Portugal #extremechristmasshopping





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