Farmer Update – Mark Richter

Farmer Mark Richter of Endicott, Washington wrote to us to let us know how his season wrapped up.  Our country’s farmers are able to slow down and breathe after the rush and hustle of spring, summer and fall farming.

Here is Mark’s note:


2014:  Harvest yields were down due to low moisture conditions in the Palouse (eastern Washington).  This year our garbanzos which had been planted in the lower precipitation zone (Thera and St. John areas) brought lower yields and smaller bean size than normal.

This year’s large garbanzos had the lowest A bean % (he’s talking about yield) than any other year I have grown beans.  It would have been better to plant all small beans this year. Our yield of Winter Wheat (WW) following garbanzos last year was low also due to low subsoil moisture.  I will probably not plant beans at Thera next year because the WW that is planted on garbanzo ground is just coming up now and the fallow wheat is a nice size. We have received some nice rains lately that have allowed the WW to start to come up. Temps have been above normal which has also allowed wheat to get some growth on it.

Markets: I think they will be lackluster for the rest the year.  We have seen white wheat get back to $7.00 which has been good.

St. John Farm: We are cleaning up around SJ and it looks much better.  We are also cleaning up around Thera Farm.  We had accumulated plastic tanks  over the years and they are not useable any more so we are recycling them.




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