Farmer Update – Mike Whitman

Happy Monday, everyone!  Here is another interesting Autumn update from Farmer Mike Whitman in Pullman, WA.

Dear Robin,

As far as farming is concerned, as you probably already know, the drain tile was installed on the Albion farm which will make working the flats much easier now.  (in low, wet, boggy areas of a field, we sometimes install drain-lines to help remove the water from that area, which makes it easier to farm.  The water drains down into a pipe laid below the ground, and runs off into a ditch).

With this past dry year we were pretty pleased with our 2014 crop yields.  Moisture is still way down this fall, but the wheat we seeded at the end of September is up and looks great. Hopefully we have a long wet winter.

The price of wheat is not what we have been accustomed to the last couple of years, but it could be much worse.  I have heard speculators predict wheat to be in the six to seven dollar figure for the next couple of years which can be workable.

I will be getting a hold of you in the near future to determine our options with the new farm program (from the 2014 Farm Bill).  At this time we are attending  seminars and working with FSA to determine our best options. We will be working on this until February project, so we will be staying in touch.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Mike and Gina Whitman

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