Newsflash: GMO Sugar is NO DIFFERENT Than Conventional Sugar!

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Nearly all of the sugar beets planted in the USA have been engineered to be resistant to to certain herbicides.  Anti-GMO proponents continue to promote the theory that somehow modified crop-products are structurally different than conventional crop-products, that somehow the genes from the genetically-modified portion of the plant transfer or move, into the part that we eat.

With sugar, this idea is absolutely false.  Sugar samples from each U.S. sugar beet processing facility were collected and tested by an independent third party, and were identical to sugar produced by conventional beets as well as conventional sugar cane.

Source: John O’Connell, Capital Press, September 30, 2014


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One Response to Newsflash: GMO Sugar is NO DIFFERENT Than Conventional Sugar!

  1. I think the whole scare has more to do with the amount of heavy metals and toxic chemicals that are in chemical herbicides, pesticides and synthetic nutrients in comparison to most organic foods. While yes, they still contain trace amounts because the chemical factories such as General Mills spray unreasonable amounts of chemicals to make sure their products are “safe.” While GM sugar may resemble the same chemical make up, how did it get that make up? Of course we can make gold in a lab, but even though that gold is chemical identical to naturally occurring gold we still don’t look at it the same or regard it as the same. If you allow for Monsanto, Pepsi, and General Mills to just keep feeding you this crap then you deserve it anyways. Processed sugars are cancerous to the body even when natural and not modified in any way. Humans consume nearly 10% the amount of sugar that even 40 years ago…. Thanks for sharing.

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