New GMO Potato Introduced!

Last week, a new GMO potato hit the market. The potato variety, named Innate, was developed by the J.R. Simplot company of Idaho. The potato was developed over a decade of research, and has some great qualities that both farmers and consumers desire in their potato.

First, this new potato was modified to bruise less easily. A bruised potato is a potato which has less value and is sometimes unusable.  A higher tolerance to getting jostled around will improve yields for farmers and for the companies that buy potatoes.

Second, this new potato has been modified to not brown after being cut. While this is only to improve the appearance of potato products, since browning has no effect on the quality, it is an improvement for potato product processors.

Third, and most important, the new Innate potato produces much lower amounts (up to 75% less) of acrylamide, a substance that may have ties to cancer, when the the potato is fried.

The Innate potato and a regular potato after 10 hours. Photo: Simplot

The Innate potato and a regular potato after 10 hours. Photo: Simplot

The Innate potato with these three important characteristics, was developed by a newer GMO technology, called RNA interference. Using this technique, genes from other potatoes were used. No genes from other plants or organisms were used to develop the Innate potato. So, it’s like an organ transplant in humans.

Pretty cool!

A link to Simplot’s website with more information about the potato:

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