Onion Harvest, Middleton, Idaho


Sid’s beautiful onion field, ready for harvest.

Western Idaho is big onion country.  Those yellow, white and red onions all y’all enjoy?  Many of them are grown right here in the Treasure Valley!  My contemporary, Sid Freeman is a farmer in Middleton; he was gracious enough to let me come and photograph and video harvest one day last week.


The rolling machine, ready to roll two rows into one row.

These are gorgeous yellow onions, big, round, and of excellent quality.  The first step in harvest – the onions are undercut; a machine comes and slices the roots off under the onion bulb.  Then the onions lay drying.  After that, a specialty machine is used; two rows of onions are rolled into one thick row.  Next they are picked up by the onion harvester, which spits out any loose skins and stems, the onions are dumped by conveyor into big trucks which take them to market.



The rolled onions, loose, ready to be picked up by the harvester.

Sid was trying to beat a big storm which was brewing.  It was a windy, dusty day, perfect for harvest.  He made it.

Next time you slice into a beautiful yellow onion, think of Sid and say a big “Thank you Sid, for growing our onions for us!”

Here is a video of Sid’s onion harvest for your viewing pleasure.

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2 Responses to Onion Harvest, Middleton, Idaho

  1. crazy8 says:

    This video was totally cool. The kids loved watching this. We had no idea onions were harvested like that. Thank you so much for sharing. “You learn something new everyday.” mom my always says.

    • TheFarmGirl says:

      We’re so glad you enjoyed watching! We’ll try to post more harvest videos – it’s so much fun to watch the harvest being gathered!

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