Garbanzo Harvest, Palouse Farm

Harvest has just wrapped up in Eastern Washington – wheat, barley, lentils, peas and GARBANZOS!  I visited Todd Strader last week, and he let me take photos of his harvest in action.  We highlighted Todd and his operation in August, 2013  if you’d like to check out his profile on The Farmers page.


Combines Harvesting Garbanzo Beans on Palouse Farm, operated by Todd Strader

Todd’s farm is located near the town of Palouse, Washington.  This farm suffered a severe crop loss due to an untimely hailstorm in late July – right before harvest!  Todd was growing both wheat and garbanzo beans.  Approximately 56% of the wheat was damaged, and 60% of the garbanzos were damaged.  Fortunately, the crop was insured.  But still, it was disheartening to Todd to see his year’s work damaged so quickly and ruthlessly.  The damage was evident when we inspected the plants and beans.


Todd walking down to the grain trucks, which are all lined up to be filled with garbanzos.


Note the different  shapes, colors and shades of the beans. That’s the hail damage.

The garbanzos that were not lost in the hailstorm, many of them, tried to grow again.  Some of them were double shaped, and different colors, rather than the uniform tan of harvest-ready beans.

Even though much of Todd’s crop was lost, his yields were still remarkably high, we were amazed and pleased for him!  In the end, it was a good year.  And… thank goodness for crop insurance.

Here’s a short video for you to enjoy of Todd’s garbanzo harvest, 2014.  You’ll hear the wind blowing.  It’s hard not to admire those combines – they have 40′ headers (the big wide part in the front into which the crop goes), which just eat up the crop.  They cover a lot of ground in a day, and have the capability of harvesting wheat, barley, oats, peas, lentils and garbanzos.

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