Summertime Snaps

I travel around Idaho, Oregon and Washington, managing farms.  Here are a few snapshots taken this summer.


At Sweet Hills Farm, The WeeLaddie in his John Deere sweatshirt and ball cap, checking on Farmer Russ Shroll’s winter wheat, July, 2014.







And filling the horses’ water trough, June, 2014.


Sweet Hills Farm: Huge, 1,000 lb. bales of straw. Straw is made of the stalks of the wheat plant, which is left over after the combine harvests the wheat kernel. This straw will be sold to local dairies, who use it for bedding for their milk cows, August, 2014.


Cowboy moving cattle on a neighbor’s ranch, Baker Valley, Oregon, June, 2014


Deer running in downtown Baker City, Oregon. I know this isn’t farmy, but it was amazing! June, 2014


Dustin’ for aphids on the wheat at Bald Butte, July, 2014

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