President Obama Endorses Biotechnology in Agriculture

From the National Association of Wheat Growers

A personal letter from President Obama to Julie Borlaug, granddaughter of Dr. Norman Borlaug, in which he clearly states his support for the use of biotechnology in agriculture, was made public recently.

In the letter, sent to Ms. Borlaug following the unveiling of a statue of her grandfather in the U.S. Capitol for his lifelong dedication to fighting hunger worldwide, President Obama wrote that he shares Dr. Borlaug’s “belief that investment in enhanced biotechnology is an essential component of the solution to some of our planet’s most pressing agricultural problems.”

The letter represents President Obama’s clearest endorsement of biotechnology since he entered office.  It comes at a time when the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food has been in the news with the introduction of legislation from Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.)  that would establish a voluntary federal labeling standard for foods and beverages made with GMOs by affirming the Food and Drug Administration as the nation’s authority for the use and labeling of GMO ingredients.

Wheat Life Magazine, May, 2014


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