#19 Pinto the BlogDog – Brodi Gets a Hot Spot

HOWDY FOLKS!  Pinto the BlogDog here.  How’re ya doin’ on this purty spring day?  Here at my farm, the blossoms smell so sweet, the songbirds are singin’ up a storm, and there’s a fresh, happy smell in the air.  Makes me wanna dance.

A coupla weeks ago, M’Lady and TheBoss left town for a coupla days.  So, Brodi ‘n’ YoursTruly got to go to doggie camp!  That’s slang for Jan’s Bed and Barkery, my favorite place in the whole wide world!  At Jan’s, there’re a ton of dogs staying while their masters are gone.  They’re all kept in oversize kennels. She has a HUGE grassy place to play, and I get to visit, roughhouse and carouse with any number of dogs.

A-n-y-w-a-y, there were a bunch of really roughneck types there on this particular weekend.  Lotsa snarlin’, nippin’ and general aggression;  I love that stuff, and jump right into the fray!  I egg those bad boys on, and we have a ball!

But not my pal Brodi.  You see, he’s bashful.  He’s sensitive.  He gets upset.  Jan could see he was unhappy, so she moved him into her big shop so that he wouldn’t hear us having such a good time.  But then, he got all fretful and was all lonesome for me!  Seriously?  I never even paid attention, and didn’t know he was having such a hard time!

He was so stressed out that he got a huge hot spot on his throat!  I mean, it got all red and oozy, and the hair fell out!  And Brodi didn’t help it any, ’cause he kept scratchin’ it!  Jan was all like, worried, feelin’ bad, thinkin’ it was her fault!


Good grief, Brodi, such

M’Lady came and got us, and brought us home.  This made Brodi feel much more relaxed.  But he was still scratchin’ his hot spot, so M’Lady put on the E-COLLAR!  Oh Boy Howdy!  Have you ever seen one of those things? They look like Elizabethian collars from the olden days – and MyManBrodi looked absolutely hilarious!

But, it kept him from scratchin’, and I guess that was the main thing.DSC02157

His spatial measurements were way off with the E-Collar on, so anytime he walked around, he was bangin’ into stuff, like trees, cars, people.  H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

I have to say, though, he was purty pitiful, feelin’ embarassed and sorry for hisself.  Gave me summat to tease him about.


But, now, my good pal has the E-Collar off.  He’s all healed up and feelin’ better.  Thank goodness.  It’s hard to see him lookin’ so sorry.  Poor ole’  guy.

Well, gotta go torment Brodi for a bit!

Keep your tail waggin’!



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