Felfie of A Swingarm

Just want to show off our new swing arm on one of the pivots on Garfield Farm in Pasco.  Farmer Dan Schneider took a felfie (farmer selfie) of the three of us in front of this fabulous new machinery.

photo 3

Farmer Dan Schneider with Robin’s dad, Jim, and Robin

What is a swingarm?  I’m so glad you asked!  So, you have a square field with a round center pivot irrigation system on it.  The circular portion of the land is irrigated by the pivot, but what about the corners?  While center pivots have revolutionized irrigation, watering the corners has always been a concern.  That’s where the swingarm comes into play.

photo 1

Jim and Robin with the new swingarm behind. The connection to the pivot is at that black hose and blue sign.

The swing arm is an extension of the circular pivot, allowing the corners to be watered.  It is attached to the very outer span (pipe).  It swings out at the corners to water them, then tucks in, and follows behind the circle.  In the “olden days,” there was a cable laid below the soil surface, which the swingarm was programmed to followed by computer.  Nowadays, though, GPS guides the swingarm as it opens and swings out, then folds back.  The farmer can change the route of the swingarm more easily, which is a huge advantage and improvement!

This is very advanced and high-tech.  Our modern farmers make good use of new technology in their daily operations, and this GPS controlled swingarm is a perfect example.

You can check out more felfies online – just type in “felfies.”  You’ll find a ton to farmer-selfies to enjoy.  🙂

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