Sweet Hills Farm – Spring Work

Here on Sweet Hills Farm, spring field work in in full swing.  We’ve had tremendous rain in the past month, which has caused the farmers in our region to dance with joy.  Two months ago, the water situation was desperate.  Now, there’s good moisture, and it keeps coming!  While this is a real blessing, there are some days that the guys can’t get into the fields to do their work, because the ground is too wet.


Our hired man, Slade, burning the pasture

Over the past few years, our pasture had accumulated a lot of dried, dead grass, which was causing the new grass that was trying to grow, to become choked.  This caused the pasture to become unhealthy.  So, this spring, as we were preparing it for the new season, we burned all the dry grasses.  It was a lengthy process – all done by hand.  The dead grass is literally burned to the ground, and only young, new grass is left.  It looked terrible at first, but once the new grass realized it wasn’t being choked off anymore, it sprung out of the ground.DSC02054

After burning, we fertilized and harrowed the pasture, too.  Then, we re-dug the corrugates.  They get flattened and smashed by the livestocks’ hooves, so each spring we re-dig them.  It’s kind of like re-trenching.  Works great.


Beautiful pasture!

We did all this in readiness for irrigating, so that the grass will be as nutritious as possible for our stock.  All this effort really works – the pasture produces lush, green grass, and our cattle keep their heads down, eating, eating, eating!  They gain 2 to 3 pounds, each and every day, so it’s well worth the effort!

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