Book Review: “Who Grew My Soup?”

Who Grew My Soup can be purchased here

Who Grew My Soup can be purchased here

“Who Grew My Soup,” written by Tom Darbyshire, Illustrated by C.F. Pline, 2012, published by Publications International, LTD.

Do you have kids? Do they balk at eating their veggies? Then this is the book for you! Who Grew My Soup? by Tom Darbyshire, is a fun introduction for children (and adults!) on where their food comes from.

After turning up his nose at a bowl of vegetable soup, and demanding to know who grew it before he will eat it, Phineas Quinn, age 10, is swooped away in a flying tomato balloon to do just that! Accompanied by Mr. Mattoo, chief souperviser, Phin learns where all the vegetables in his soup are grown, and who grows them. He gains an appreciation for hard working farmers, and learns that vegetables are delicious. At the end, he slurps down his soup and asks for more!

Underwritten by the Campbell Soup Company, this cute little book hopes to teach children of all ages where their veggies are grown, who grows them, and to love to eat their vegetables!


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2 Responses to Book Review: “Who Grew My Soup?”

  1. Leslie says:

    We have that book, and my 3 and 5 year old love it!

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