Idaho’s Snow Report

While Idaho, especially southwestern Idaho, is still in a drought due to years of low snowfall in the mountains, things have eased this year. This was helped in part by late winter and early spring snowfall in the mountains, as recently as last week, that helped boost the snowpack that will provide irrigation water for Idaho’s farmers.

Check out these maps to see the difference between last April and this April, as of yesterday. We’re grateful for the good moisture this year, and are hoping and praying for more to come!

Snow Report 4-1-2013

Snow Report 4-1-2013


And the most recent map, from yesterday.

Snow Report 4-7-2014

Snow Report 4-7-2014


These weekly reports are put out by the Idaho Department of Water Resources.

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2 Responses to Idaho’s Snow Report

  1. John T. Zietz says:

    Excellent moisture in the last 60 days for sure. This will help Idaho (in general) get off to a great start to the 2014 agricultural season. Still need a bit of help in a couple of areas – but overall we are setting up pretty good for a good year !!

    • Robin W.L. says:

      Hi John, Thank you for writing! Oh boy, what a relief to have new abundant moisture this winter and early spring. I was just thinking this morning – praying actually – for a little more, just to top us off. Take care, and have a good weekend! -Robin

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