Thought of the Week

A farmer’s days are long,
but the office has a pretty sweet view.

Farm Bureau

Beautiful photo from Outside the Limits

Beautiful photo from Outside the Limits

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5 Responses to Thought of the Week

  1. Ashley C says:

    What a beautiful view of your farm. My view out the office window is of traffic lights and grocery stores. I am envious! I miss life on the farm! Hope you are having a great Spring, Farm Girl!

    • Robin W.L. says:

      Thank you Ashley! There are times when we are stuck inside working, too, and it’s so nice to burst out the doors and be out in nature. Perhaps someday, in your future, you will be able to live on a farm again. Have a wonderful weekend. – Robin

  2. Cathy Ensley says:

    What a fun blog! I stumbled across it after reading about it on a sidebar from someone in the A-Z Blogging Challenge that I’m participating in.

    We live in Colfax, WA, and six generations have been blessed to be wheat ranchers. I’m currently doing Flight Terminology as my blog challenge theme, and am showing lots of pictures of our farm, as that is how my husband checks crops.

    He flies to a ranch, gets out and walks around, and then flies to the next ranch. The ranches are all accessible by pickup, certainly!–but flying there gives my husband an excuse to do just that—get out and fly.

    • TheFarmGirl says:

      Thank you! We’re glad you have enjoyed our blog and hope you visit often. Lucky you to be living in Colfax – it’s such a beautiful area. I love the pictures on your blog. We’re going to have to catch up on the challenge!! Looks like fun!

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