Celebrate National Ag Day!

Today is National Ag Day – a day to recognize the contributions of farmers, ranchers, dairymen, scientists and other agribusiness professionals. We would go hungry, naked, and homeless without the tremendous efforts of thousands of individuals across the United States to provide the rest of us with food, clothing, shelter and fuel.


Fun Farming Facts:

Farmers produce 262% MORE food with 2% FEWER inputs (labor, seeds, chemicals, etc), than they did in 1950.

One farmer feeds 155 people

97% of all farms are family-owned

14% of US farms are operated by women

21 million American workers produce, process and sell the nation’s food, fuel and fiber

90 loaves of bread can be made with 1 bushel of wheat

94% of farmers own a smartphone

American’s only spend about 10% of their incomes on food – the lowest percentage

For every $1 spent on food, the farmer only receives $.12 for the raw product

Only 210,000 US farmers produce 80% of our food and fiber




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4 Responses to Celebrate National Ag Day!

  1. cdmiller07 says:

    Sorry, I know that isn’t exactly a cream of the crop response, but I just wanted to express my enthusiasm.

  2. cdmiller07 says:

    Wooohooo! Random ag facts!

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