Our neighbor, a local dairyman, Glenn Vander Woude, is selling poop.  Wanna buy some?

He had been a dairyman for many years, but closed his dairy in November.  A new business venture, however, began in earnest that same month. For years, Glenn had converted dairy manure to compost, and sold it by the cubic yard on Craigslist.  Folks would come by, shovel the compost into their pickup trucks and trailers, and haul it home for their  gardens.  It was a good side business, and gave an outlet to all the manure that the dairy produced.

In November, his poop business went retail.  Glenn has named his product “POOP.”  He says, “A bag of compost won’t catch your attention.  ‘POOP,’ though, that catches your attention.”

The compost that Glenn and his partners produce is odorless, finely screened, and chock-full of rich nutrients.  Their company was also one of four finalists competing for a free 30-second Super Bowl ad this past February, although their ad was not chosen in the end.

Look out for POOP.  Buy some POOP.  Spread it on your garden.  Watch your flowers grow! It’s currently available in 50-pound bags at Legacy Feed & Fuel in Meridian, and will be available at D&B Supply stores this spring!

 Here’s their website: http://www.dairypoop.com/

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