Pink Tree Shaker for Breast Cancer Awareness

When you eat your almond or walnut today, it may be that it was shaken from the tree by a bubble-gum-pink tree shaker, one that was painted to raise awareness for breast cancer.


Jonalee Henderson and her bright pink tree shaker

The project was done by the Yuba City, California based Orchard Machinery Corporation, because recently,  Brenda Mayo, the wife of company owner Don Mayo, died of the disease.

The company found an enthusiastic buyer in Jonalee Henderson and her brother, Wesley Henderson, whose aunt, Linda, recently succumbed to breast cancer.  The two womens’ names are painted on the shaker.

The Hendersons operate a custom nut harvesting operation.  During almond and walnut harvest, the shaker will move through orchards, to dislodge all the nuts from the trees.  Then, sweepers come along and collect them all to be hulled and processed.  Typically, shakers are painted yellow or green.  This bright pink one will attract a lot of attention, and will get workers talking and thinking about breast cancer.

In addition, this past winter, it has made appearances at both the Colusa Farm Show as well as the World Ag. Expo in Tulare, California.  However, the shaker won’t just be relegated to farm shows, says Jonalee.  “This is going to be used as much or more than any other shaker.  People want to see it.”

What better way to bring awareness to such a cause as a bright-pink-breast-cancer-awareness-nut-tree-shaker?

Capital Press, February 11, 2014

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