The AgBuzz

Kiss My Tractor will now be posting at AgBuzz, a new, small community of ag bloggers from across the nation. AgBuzz is being put together by Lee Agri-Media, who publish a dozen different ag newsletters, including Ag Weekly, which covers Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

While AgBuzz has been around since 2007, they are starting to reach out to more ag bloggers to reach a wider group of people. I found out about it through an email sent to a friend at the Idaho State Department of Research that was then sent on to me. So, basically I invited myself to post at AgBuzz. Can’t miss an opportunity to expand our readership, right?!

Anyway, we’ll be posting there every couple weeks, and will let you know when we do! For now, head to to check it out. There will be more activity in the future, as I know there are a couple other bloggers signed up to contribute.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this new ag blogger community, let me know in the comments, and I will get you the contact info you need!

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