Farmer Update from Todd Strader

As you know, this is the “quiet” time of the year for farmers.  They’re taking the time to prepare their taxes, are making their plans and budgets for next year’s farming season, attending industry meetings, conventions and seminars, and hopefully, sleeping in a little bit.  Of course, with Farmer Todd Strader, it’s never the quiet time of the year, because he and his wife, Heather have two little children!

Farmer Todd, whom we profiled in August, sent me a nice note last week, highlighting his fall planting, and I thought you would enjoy hearing from him.

“I hope your Christmas was well.  I know that our kids loved it all, and it seems like they are at the perfect age for Christmas.  Our son said, ‘If we are celebrating Jesus’ birthday, shouldn’t we sing Him “Happy Birthday?”‘  That makes sense!


Todd, Seeding

Regarding farming, our winter wheat was direct-seeded into moisture in early October shortly after the first significant rain event of the growing year (approximately 1.5″ total).  

The stand appears to be excellent, and went into winter in good condition.  The variety which we seeded was Syngenta’s ‘Ovation,’ a soft white winter wheat which is very disease and rust resistance.  Since that first rain, the remainder of the fall and winter has been extremely cold and dry, with an extreme cold snap in mid-December, when the temperatures dipped to a low as -5*, with daytime high temperatures only reaching +5*.  This cold snap lasted for about a week.  Unfortunately there was little to no snow cover during this cold snap.  The remainder of the farm will be seeded into garbanzo beans this spring, most likely the large variety, either Sierras or Orions.  The garbanzo beans will be direct seeded with no prior tillage.

I hope you are doing well!”


Todd’s Young Wheat


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