Our Year in Review

Happy Blog Birthday To Us!

Love it! And would love to eat it! Photo source

Love it! And would love to eat it!
Photo source

Today, January 24th is the first anniversary of Kiss My Tractor!  We thought we should look back on the year.

As our first year in blogdom is wrapping up, we took a look back at all we have done. We wrote over 222 posts, profiled 12 farmers, gained over 180 followers, and learned a ton about our farmers, agriculture, and just how important social media is becoming to share farmers’ stories.

We enjoyed meeting new people, and learning about new movements in agriculture, like Twitter’s weekly #agchat on Tuesday evenings. We have a lot planned for 2014, and we hope to  expand our readership and continue spreading the word about the importance of agriculture, and introducing our farmers to all of you!

Here were some of our readers’ favorite posts from 2013:

Farmer Profile – Mary Hillebrecht

A Funny

Farm Tech – Not Your Grandpa’s Technology

What About Wheat

What Does The Farmer Say

Alfalfa Can Be Exciting

God Made A Farmer

And of course, all the Pinto the BlogDog posts!

We are always looking for new topics to write about, so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let us know!

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2 Responses to Our Year in Review

  1. John T. Zietz says:

    Nice ! Happy-Happy-Happy Blog Birthday ! So glad that you are getting the good word out about American Agriculture. Keep up the good blogging !!

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