Recipe from a Farmer’s Table – Guacamole


From Mary Hillebrecht, Avocado Grower
Mary says this is her favorite guacamole recipe
Recipe from

1 Anaheim chile
1 heirloom tomato, diced small
1 clove garlic
1 sweet onion, diced small
4 ripe, fresh California avocados, seeded and peeled
1 lime, juice only
Salt and pepper to taste

Roast chile on the stove top until the outside chars and blackens.  Let it cool, and then wipe off the charred layer with a towel.  Cut the stem off the chile and slit it to open.  Using a knife,scrape off the seeds and discard them.  Dice the roasted chile and place in a medium bowl.

Add remaining ingredients and mash together.  Enjoy!

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