Cal Poly Team Takes Second in International Trading Competition

Because we will be highlighting Mary Hillebrecht, a California farmer this month, I can’t help but write about my alma mater, California Polytechnic State University, located in San Luis Obispo.  While some may try to argue, Cal Poly is widely known as the finest “hands on” agricultural college in the union.  Students there “learn by doing.”  A perfect example of this is the judging teams that have been developed and evolved in the different departments of the School of Agriculture .  Cal Poly’s Agribusiness Team is one of these judging teams.

As part of a quarter-long class project, a team of five agribusiness undergraduates who were enrolled in Intermediate Agribusiness Finance took second place in the preliminary round of trading in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Commodity Trading Challenge last February.  The Cal Poly Team beat out Duke University, Penn State, Notre Dame, and every other American university this year, claiming the top U.S. team  in the international contest!

More than 300 teams from nearly 180 universities and colleges around the world competed.  The Commodity Trading Challenge is a four-week international electronic trading competition in which teams of undergraduate and graduate students can trade crude oil, gold and corn futures in a simulated trading environment on a real-time professional trading platform.

These students are our country’s future leaders in agriculture; they will be the ones buying and selling our commodities on the world stage for our country in the near future.    We should, all of us, be grateful for these young people, for their passion and drive for the field of agri-business.  It looks as they are on their way to serve all of us very well.


Article taken from Agriview Magazine, Fall, 2013

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