Idaho Cattle Convention – Sun Valley, Idaho

Ryan Goodman, of Agriculture Proud, recently visited Idaho to teach our cattle ranches about the importance of social media. Thank you, Ryan, and we hope you make it back to Idaho soon! Here’s his post on the Idaho Cattle convention.

Beef Runner

Sun Valley Idaho Resort Social Media TrainingI  can’t believe I’ve let a month go by and haven’t updated the blog on my travels in and around Montana. (So I better catch up!) Work has definitely kept me busy and on the go. But I guess that is a good thing!

In early November, I had the great opportunity to travel to Sun Valley, Idaho to speak at the Idaho Cattle Association’s annual convention. Sun Valley is an extremely nice place in the mountains and home to folks like Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and Tom Hanks. I certainly couldn’t afford to stay there long, especially during ski season.

The Idaho Cattlemen and women were great hosts as Lauren Chase and I presented 2 different workshops on the value of social media in the cattle community. One of the big questions we address is “Why do ranchers need to be on social media?” There’s a lot of value…

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