Use Your Critical Thinking – Ask A Farmer!

Over the past months, as I have talked with and interviewed my farmer friends for this blog, the recurring concern that I hear from them the most is this:  They understand that people (all of us) have fears about where their food comes from.  This is a new trend!  The reason for it is the hysterical, non-stop 24 hour-a-day media.

The food that American farmers produce is safer now than ever before.  Scientists have found safer methods, which are more efficient, use less non-organic and organic inputs, and produce food that is tastier and safer for our bodies than ever, ever before.

With this said, it’s difficult to not to take note when we hear all the grandstanding about “dangerous foods,” and “industrial farming.”  When you hear something on the news about America’s farmers and your food, be sure to use your critical thinking!  Check out more sources, especially on the depth of risk on some of these issues.  Do some research, and don’t let those media guys scare you into making irrational food choices.

People want to believe the things that they hear, even when it may fly in the face of reality and science.  The sad part about this is, farmers and ranchers, especially the small operator, can be badly hurt when a fad or news-blast makes their perfectly good food products unwanted.

When you hear or read something that is alarming or you don’t understand, write to us, here at  You can ask your question in the comment box on any post.  We’ll respond to you, and will gladly research your question for you.  We’ll find the scientific answer for you!

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