National 4-H Week

National 4-H Week is celebrated each year during the first full week of October. That means this week, October 6th-12th, is National 4-H Week 2013! You can find out more about 4-H from this article we wrote earlier in the summer.


This week is designated as a special time to support and encouragement for the 6 million kids currently involved in 4-H, as well as the millions more 4-H alumni and 4-H friends and family. There are often many local activities put on by 4-H clubs during this week, so check your local newspaper or extension office for more information.

If you have kids at home, get them involved in 4-H! You don’t have to live on a farm or in the country to participate. In fact, a huge portion of 4-H’ers live in big cities!

If you don’t have kids at home, there are tons of opportunities to get involved with 4-H in your area. Contact your local extension office – they can hook you up with a huge variety of volunteer opportunities. Click here to head to the 4-H volunteer website.

And next summer when you head out to your county fair, be sure to check out the animals in the barns, and the record books in the exhibition hall. You’ll see the culmination of months of hard work that 4-H’ers put into their projects!

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