Amazing Video – Farmer Tries to Save His Crop

My brother ClayMan sent me a link to this video. As you can imagine, fire is one of a farmer’s worst enemies, especially when you have a dry crop like wheat. In this video, a farmer is using his tractor to disc a fire line in a desperate attempt to stop the fire from spreading.  The fire is moving very quickly, and if the wind changed, he and his tractor would be in serious trouble, since he would not be able to get out of there fast enough. And please note, although it may seem like he’s not moving too quickly, that tractor is hauling at top speed.

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2 Responses to Amazing Video – Farmer Tries to Save His Crop

  1. Cheyenne Wright says:

    Fire can be such a disastrous thing. The trials one can bring and how it can have such an impact on a farmers way of life.

    • TheFarmGirl says:

      Yes, a fire could quickly wipe out a farmer’s entire crop! They do all they can to protect their fields, but fires still start frequently. Several of our farmers have dealt with fire in the past, and it’s a scary thing to see. Thank you for your comments!

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