Star Gazing

Something neat is going on at Bald Butte Ranch up in Pullman, Washington! The Palouse Astronomical Society came to us a few months ago asking for permission to put their telescopes on top of the Butte and have star-gazing parties.

The Butte is a perfect spot for looking at the stars – there are no trees, it’s the tallest hill for miles around, and there is very little light pollution since it is in the middle of the rolling farmland of the Palouse.  We made an agreement with the Society allowing them use of the top of the Butte if they promised to close all the gates and not bother the cattle and wildlife.

They had their first star party last Friday, and had 20 people come despite it being organized with very short notice. Here’s a photo that they sent us of their gathering, just before the sun went completely down. These guys are serious about the stars. Look at the size of those telescopes!

IMG_5437 Bald Butte Ranch is a very special place, with a unique ecosystem composed of cultivated farmland, range land for cattle, and lots of habitat for moose, elk, deer, and many other animals. We’re happy that we’re able to share this place with the Palouse Astronomical Society, and hope they enjoy being able to have a great place to scope out the universe!

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