Magazine Review – Edible


The WeeLaddie and I were meeting Mom and a few other ladies at a funky coffee shop in town the other week, and I saw a stack of edible magazines on the shelf. It looked interesting, so I snagged a copy. Boy, am I glad I did! What a great little magazine!

Edible publishes regional food-oriented magazines all over the country, focusing on locally grown and produced foods and crafts. The edition I have is about Southern Idaho. They publish issues quarterly, and are a good resource for finding local foods and other products.

The Summer 2013 of Edible: Southern Idaho included articles on new, sustainable restaurants in the Treasure Valley, an organic farm in Bellevue, canning yummy jams and jellies, irrigation, a local wooden spoon maker, the Boise Co-op’s 40th anniversary, specialty whole-wheat flour, medicinal herbs, and much more!

The layout of the magazine is lovely, with lots of pictures, and good, heavy, non-glossy pages. There is even a fun, graphic page that I’m going to pull out, frame, and put up in my kitchen!

You can find out more about Edible magazines by heading to their website: You can find the publication in your area, or even start one up if there isn’t a magazine for your region yet!

Regional publications also have their own websites, with a lot more information about food in the area. Southern Idaho’s is

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