Snapshots from Sweet Hills Farm

     In the past few weeks, spring has SPRUNG around here!  The wheat is growing, tractors are all over the place, farmers are working hard, there’s water in the canals, and hired hands are out irrigating.

     With this said, our region had a dangerously light precipitation winter, and everyone is concerned.  Our farmer, Russ, said that he believes he will have about 33% of the water he needs to grow a profitable crop this season.  Wow!  Pray for rain!
     See the photos that I’ve taken this week.

Brodi & Pinto walking along the big canal that had concrete work done to it
this past winter.  This canal delivers water to our part of the valley
The spillway in our big canal
Done seeding.  Look at those tractors!

Snazzy hand-made implement for bedding up the seedbeds for sugarbeets
Our wheat out front has really jumped up.  

Our driveway – the locusts aren’t leafed out yet,
but the flowers are so cheerful

Merrygold, lookin’ pretty after being groomed 🙂
She still has her winter coat
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2 Responses to Snapshots from Sweet Hills Farm

  1. Robin W.L. says:

    Hi Henry, Thanks for the advice on the tractor maintenance. I'll pass it along. We appreciate your viewing and commenting. Have a good day. -Robin

  2. Henry Jordan says:

    I love watching huge tractors farming the farms. This green tractor is beautiful. Make sure you keep it maintained. Such tractors require lot of care.Regards,HenryHydraulic Sealing Products

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