Why Another Farm Blog?

Hello Everyone! We are excited to start this blog as a way to share the ups and downs, ins and outs, and comings and goings of a wonderful group of REAL farmers and their families growing REAL food. There are many wonderful blogs out there written about what it’s like to live on a farm, and while we will definitely be bringing you stories about farm life from our farmers and their families, we want to go further and really educate you about farming.

We aim to teach you everything you did and didn’t want to know about farming! In future posts, we’ll cover a huge range of topics such as sustainable farming on a commercial level, agricultural issues that farmers face, different types of farming (dryland/irrigated), different crops and farm products, health issues related to our farmers, such as the current “gluten-free” flurry, as well as bring you farmer profiles, farming stories, recipes, and more! We want you to KNOW our farmers, not just about them, and we want you to really know about agriculture. Also, if you ever have a question about any sort of farming, please ask! We want you to ask and we want to find the answer for you!

As the world’s population continues to increase, agriculture and farming are going to be an increasingly large field of interest. We plan on being right here to bring you news of how our farmers are handling the increased demands on their fields, and incoporating new crops and technology to feed the world.

So, we hope you enjoy our blog and do learn something about farming and how it impacts you!

– Alise

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